Wednesday 13 April 2016

Brain in Heart?

Heart has a brain?
A heart study tells that a tiny brain is in the heart itself. A collection of neurons is in the heart’s nervous system that interconnects with the brain. The heart has 40,000 neurons that is small amount as compared to billions of neurons in the brain. This is the reason that the heart is involved in our feelings. The heart is intelligent, differently. Sometimes the interpretation that is done primarily by the brain is led by the heart. The neural signals that the heart sends to the brain affect how we think, learn, decide, feel, perform, become frustrated, enjoy, care, and love. That shows, the heart is not merely a blood-pumping organ. It’s beyond that!

Heart is powerful?
The heart continuously talks with the brain. Heart is an energetic organ, hormones from heart go into a person’s blood stream, pulse waves are created at every beat of the heart. Magnetic energy of the heart is 5000 times more powerful than the brain. Magnetic energy of the heart can be measured at a distance of 6 feet from the body.  

Heart has memory?
Memory is not just ‘saved’ by the brain alone. Memory is distributed across the body’s neural system. Heart is another organ of keeping & retrieving memory. After a heart transplant in many cases, the patients feel changes in their liking of food or basic personality or even their memories. The taste, personality, & memories are considered solely to come from the brain. How those who receive somebody else’s heart have these mindful changes in them? It is because of the same fact that heart has a little but complex nervous system. For centuries, the heart is considered as the core organ of emotions like love or hatred etc. The technology is now proving that the heart literally takes part in shaping a person’s feelings. The heart has its gigantic role in how we experience the surroundings, develop & deliver our feelings. This heart-memory theory is explained in The Heart’s Code by Paul Pearsall.

Heart can understand?
This theory of brain in the heart is still controversial. Neurosurgeons & cardiologists have to work in coordination with each other to come up with an ascertained theory of the heart-brain. As for us, should we wait for a perfect theory? Yes! as a good curious human being, we should keep an eye on the latest research of our interests. But what else can we learn? The theory suggests that the heart’s energy is unbound by space & time. We have to feel this energy. We have to understand that the energy is from a source that itself is unbound by space & time. We have to learn how to use the brain in our already planted ‘spiritual heart’. How to see through the sight of our heart? How to perceive the world? Is the world just about matter? Is it just about the lifestyle? We have to understand the importance of this ‘brain’ in our heart. We have to think with heart-brain & see with the heart-sight in order to set our goals of life & in order to contour our priorities in life.      

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