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6. Salar De Leonie: Bolivia
Antarctica is an attraction to many of us since childhood, when we come to know about continent is fully covered with ice. The only living form we can see there is penguin. Salar de Leonie beats the fantasy due to it flatness and considered as the smoothest surface of the earth. But this white surface is not of ice, its salt. Located in country of southern America, it is the world largest resource of natural salts. These salts include chlorides of lithium, sodium, potassium and magnesium. Salt flats are ideal for calibrating the distance measurement equipment of satellites. The salt surface has high reflectivity for ultraviolet light with a very little variation. Formation of plateau is supposed to be the result of uplift of Andes Mountains. Train services are provided to the visitor to enjoy the trip to the mirror land reflecting beautiful colors of nature.

7. Hillier/ Pink Lake- Australia:
During acid-base titration process, we used to get the light pink solution as the end result. Everyone just wait curiously for the moment when liquid change its color from blue to pink. Nature provides a fantastic view of this Blue-Pink combination in Hillier Lake. This pink is not the end result of titration. In fact the scientist could find out the reason behind this pink color. It is supposed to be algae or bacteria or micro organism in water. Located in Southern ocean, lake is surrounded by a sand dune covered with vegetation providing a mesmerizing view. The pink color is because of concentration of  salts that are non toxic, the lake host marine life and visitor could enjoy a dive. The lake is discovered in 19th century and has been identified by Birdlife International as an Important Bird Area (IBA) because it supports significant numbers of native and migratory birds.
8. Lake Retba, Senegal, East Africa.
Hillier lake is not the only pink lake in the world. There are more natural reservoirs can be seen with different shades of pink. Hillier lake is a light pink or bubble pink shade, while the Lake Retba is known for its strawberry/ reddish pink color. Secondly water Hillier Lake is pink in all season, even if you take a glass of water, it appear as perfect pink juice. Whereas the pink color of Lake Retba can only be seen in dry season. It is located near Atlantic Ocean. Pink color is because of algae concentration is water. Salt extracted from lake by locals are used for cooking and preserving foods. There is variation of color with time. It change from pinkish to the brownish shade.

9. The Red Lake: Bolivia
You might be thinking that today’s episode is more about different colors of lake. Our planet is covered 70% of water. Water has healing property. It washes out dirt as well as tears. Additional of natural color in water is a relieve or therapy. This unusual color of water appeal the site, a camera could not capture it as actual. Red lake Bolivia is located near Chile. It hosts the rarest species of flamingo across the world. The red lake is surrounded by white pool give a stunning view. The lake changes it color from red to blue with change of season, just inverse of titration process.

Leaving you in the bewilderment and curiosity and compiling episode#3 of the series. Enjoy reading episode#2, For episode#1 click ASTONISHING PLANET episode#01.

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