Wednesday 27 April 2016


When you are in school, your parents told you to work hard and get good grades so that you can enjoy your college life. My father told me on first day of college, "COLLEGE LIFE IS THE BEST LIFE", When you enter in college, You had to work even more harder to get admission in University. On my return way from college, I used to saw the vast ground area of university anxiously and thinking of the fun of University Life. But that anxiety came to an end when I realized that I have to prepare for 11 theory courses and 8 practicals instead of 6 subjects and 2 practicals of intermediate a year. After 4 years of struggle, university life came to end. Now, started a professional life. Thinking to sit like a boss in a comfortable chair in a chill AC environment and to be called an Engineer, I started my career. Oh!! But the burden of work.. Long hour sitting in front of computer.. Office Politics.. When will be the time to enjoy life???

You will never find time to enjoy life, unless you wanted to be. Yes, you have to find out happiness in little thing. Being professional does not mean you can not smile or laugh, play games, watch cartoons or other hobbies. As far as you are good at completing the task in giving time with required perfection, you are free to entertain yourself. 

Many International companies are adopting and working on fun filled, friendly working environment where employees would enjoy their work. You can google about the facilities that GOOGLE is offering to its employee. A real and strategic business owner encourage good working environment, timely paying employees, appreciating and encouraging their work, not putting unrealistic deadlines and make office attractive for workers. 

What we can do personally to enjoy our self at work?? 

First thing is choose your profession of your own choice. I chose Civil Engineering as my profession. I chose Pre- Engineering in Intermediate due to my interest in Mathematics, although I was a biology science student in matriculation. You might be thinking, how boring I am? I must be a black girl working in a male profession. First thing is Civil is not male field. Structural Designing is totally a female field. Secondly, I keep the childishness inside me alive all the time. How? See!!

These are the extruded 3D views of my models made on Structural Engineering Software Etabs. These are drawn in line diagram, with such a hectic calculation running behind. On classic mode it give two boring colors on screen, but I have made my work a fun by changing color themes for different structural members and enjoying 3D view for few moments in between my work just to refresh myself to do the tough mathematics. Below is about 60 storey building model. In between working on the thick file of calculation work and reading difficult language of building codes, I consider to choose a pleasing color theme that will not let me bore or tire my eye. 

You work in office for 8 hours daily that means 1/3 of your life. You used to decorate your home, so why not your desk. How to decorate your desk and surrounding? A resarch says, If you are working several hours in front of computers, chances are you will get older early. Walking barefoot on green grass and looking greenry freshens you and make you livelier. So If you own an office, design it such that, it offer a pleasant view across the windows like one of my work place:

Or atleast put a flask of plant, that can grow in shade, on your office desk. You can decorate your desk by putting charts, quotations or images on soft board.

This is you can do to entertain yourself while working. 
How to make good working environment?

Celebrate little events, treats and gifts can add your colleagues in the list of good friends. 

Life is too short to wait for a happy moment. Make every moment worth living. Be positive and do not forget to wear a beautiful smile along with your DESIGNER DRESS and BRANDED ACCESSORIES. 


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  1. So lively & happy, along with great professionalism.....totally loved reading it! the fact that Structural Designing is a field for girls....

  2. We have to defined people, what does structural designing means? They misunderstood it as interior or architectural designing....