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10. Carerra Lake- Chile

Taj mahal is famous for its shinning white marble beauty. Creation of this monument is the result of several year of labor. But we can see natural monument made of marble in the middle of deep blue lake, Lake Carerra. This monument is supposed to be cathedral. Formation of cathedral took place in more than 6000 years. Lake Carerra is the largest lake in Chile and the fourth largest lake in Angentenia, South America.  The lake is famous for fishing and beautiful stones. The marine species that can be found there in abundant includes trout and salmon. The bed of lake is floored with Turquoise, Emerald, Azure and Aquamarine. Lake changes its color from turquoise to deep blue with the change of climate. White Cathedral in between blue water and cold environment could bring you in dream of Paradise.

You can turn off a flame by throwing water over it. But there is a flame that continues to burn under flowing water. Eternal Flame Fall located in Chestnut Ridge Park in Western New York is a unique water fall where natural gas is seeping from the micro holes in the rock. It is said to be an activity of bio organism or movement of tectonic plate that have made holes or crack in the Shale-Rock causing emission from natural gas from ground. This natural gas consists of ethane and propane. Approximately 1 kg of gas is emitted from the hole per day. The fall can be seen in Rain or spring season. The surrounding of Fall feel smelly due to concentration of methane and other hydrocarbons.

12. Rainbow Eucalyptus trees -Hawaii
We have seen painted trunks of trees in Parks and decorated with lights over it. It gives a pleasant view. But the Eucalyptus Deglupta is painted by nature with beautiful colors of rainbow.  The bark of baby plant is bright initially as it grows it turn to blue, purple, orange and maroon tone consecutively. These rainbow tree forests can be seen in island of Maui, Hawaii. Not only giving a mesmerizing view to the visitor, the pulp of the tree is used to make paper.

13. Black sand beach- Hawaii
Black Sand Beach is type of TOUCH ME NOT. What does it mean? I will explain later. You might be thinking that why I have included it in ASTONISHING PLANET, as we made numbers of picnic at Sea View Beach which has been Blacked or Dirtied by us. Black Sand Beach is not a result of pollution by humans but it is due volcanic activity in the area. Anyone think of making road of bitumen and asphalt along the coast but that how long it could survive?  Black and white is a favorite combination and addition of Green Coconut trees and Turtle made it epic yet astonishing. Black sand is non-sticky so you can have a walk over it for a mean while. Yes after a few moments you will feel aching in your toe. You can’t have a dive or swim, as the beach is quite rocky. You can’t even touch the turtles on beach as them can’t tolerate the bacteria present in a normal human hands as they do not have good immune system. Up till now you have understand the meanings of TOUCH ME NOT. But you can enjoy the view sitting in a luxury hotel and capturing the sight.

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