Tuesday 3 November 2015

A Strange Night at NEDUET (Karachi, Pakistan)

He was Xtremely excited and full of energy because he was about to lead a team of self-motivated and dedicated personnel. He was planning and talking to them discussing their plans. Along with Xtreme excitement, there was a little ambiguity that what would happen that night. After preparing his lab and after getting reassurement from his students that they would come to his lab hours before the dawn break, he went home to refuel himself after a tiring day. After few hours he was ready to go back to his lab. He was delightful due to the happy feelings that were coming down his spine and he was anticipating some shivering uneasiness as well. He was thinking that what would happen? He was about to be a part of an event that never happened in the history of NED.

The mysterious talk
At 2300 hours he came out of his home sat in his car and drove all the way behind the labs in NED. He parked the car and came out. He was thinking that how things will go on and how would he react to unforeseen circumstances? As soon as he came out of the car a university guard came to him and after recognizing him, the guard said, “Sorry sir it’s you, I thought some guy has come with a girl (mein samjha kaheen koee larka kisi lerki ko lay ker na aagya ho).” So he thought that come on Mr. guard this is NED & I am here for something huge beyond your imagination but you can think just this? You are ruining the whole thing Mr. guard. But he said to guard, “I am going to my lab” and he started to walk towards the stairs.

Lights of the corridor
That night was dark and strange but full of Xtreme zeal and now that zeal mixed with a tense mood. That mysterious talk with the guard was but a glimpse of the mysteries that NED was waiting to experience. That night was a new experience of its kind for him as well. Any way he climbed the stairs, opened the corridor and first thing he did was to turn on the lights of the corridor so the curiousness of that night could somehow become normal.  

After midnight
After midnight three more passionate guys were coming to his lab. One was faculty member and two were undergrads. Another guard asked them that where they were going. They told that they were going to his lab. Then there was weirdness among the guards that what is going to happen in his lab at midnight. Come on guards the whole Karachi is awakened at this time so why a lab can’t be opened at midnight. May be their curiosity was acceptable because by default no one can be up for some passionate work at that time. People are awakened for dining out, gossiping, get together, shopping, movies, and all sorts of stuff you name it.

Lab opened from that midnight till to next day 0500 hours
The inquisitiveness of the guards increased so much so that he had to call to the guard’s office NED. But here a point to note is that the guards well perform their duties even during off-hours. Cheers for them as well.  He told them that his lab will be opened from that midnight till to next day 0500 hours i.e. for more than 24 hours continuously. Hmm strange isn’t it? But any way he told the guards that more students will come. He wanted to tell that more students include girls students as well but he couldn’t tell as the first guard already said what we can expect him to say. But how could those students enter? As main gate and student’s gate were closed. So they would have to enter from NED staff colony gate. The guards had the feeling that something extra-ordinary is going to happen. But as they knew he is a respectful faculty member and a high grade officer so they were satisfied to some extent.   
The funniest question
Anyways, three more daring students among them two were girls came to staff colony NED gate around 0430 hours. When they arrived at staff colony gate, the guards saw that their family was there to drop them so they let them enter. What else they could do? One guard asked the funniest question that no other guard might have asked before. He asked them, “Class kab khatam hogi? (When will the class be over?)”
That event was planned due to Xtreme efforts, Xtreme self-motivation, and Xtreme valor of the team head, him. The team trusted in him and they were sure that it’s going to be an experience of its kinds working in his lab under his supervision. Lots of appreciation to his inspiring personality and his indomitable will that he wants to provide students an Xtremely propelling environment. It was all due to his experience; management; and dedication that he dared to manage that event.    

To test their limit of working    
So, then with him in his lab there were total five undergrad students & two faculty members including him. Among thousands of students at NED, only five undergrads and two faculty members including him opted for that event in his lab. They must be Xtremely self-determined, dedicated, courageous, enthusiastic, and passionate. Thumbs up to them. All of them gathered there to be Xtreme competitors and to prove themselves.  When their friends & colleagues were enjoying sleep, they were there to test their limit of working under Xtreme pressure; to test their limit of working under sleep deprived conditions; to test their limit of working under Xtreme stress of the mind; to test their limit of working with Xtreme physical uneasiness; and to test their limit of working as Xtreme team.

What were they up to? Stay tuned for what happened next. Coming soon under the topic 'IEEEXtreme'.  

This actual event is…
Dramatized by,
Engr. Ayesha Alam Khurram          


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