Saturday 7 November 2015


As the mystery continues of that mysterious night explained in ‘A Strange Night at NEDUET (Karachi, Pakistan)’, when they turned on their computers in the lab they found out that the respective website on which their tasks were to be mentioned was not opening. Oh no! Coming all the way from home, facing strange reactions and now this? So they tried & tried and finally managed to open that website.  First task was given to them exactly at 0500 hours and they solved it on their system. At 0600 hours another funny thing happened. Suddenly there was a rooster noise in the lab. It was like rooster was trying to wake them up. We are awakened rooster, they thought. It was actually his wakeup alarm and it took him too long to stop that alarm. Everyone was like, sir please we are awakened.

Brainstorm & solve it!
Hour by hour they were given tasks and they had to brainstorm and solve it. Their bodies were aching, fingers were tired, and head was going round. They missed their beds and their sleeps like never before. They were remembering their homes like never before. Many tasks they completed and submitted to the online system that was testing their skills. Few tasks were like that they solved it on their system but when they uploaded to the online system, it was not working there. So they couldn’t submit those tasks and the chance of winning that competition automatically reduced due to that technical glitch. Don’t worry there is always next time. But this time all of them worked with patience and devotion. They experienced something that made them better students and better persons. It’s not always about to win or to loose. It’s about endeavors and commitment. They all cleared the test of testing their limits.

The funny part
One more funny part of the event is that at 2100 hours a guard called to the lab and told him that a student is waiting on the gate to come to attend his class. He was like what? It’s too late now. That guy was actually brother of a participating girl who brought dinner for her. A dinner can’t be yummier and energetic than one that is eaten while a continuous brainstorming session under sleep deprived and under pressure conditions. 

They worked for 24 hours continuously
They worked continuously and this continuously literally means continuously, they worked for 24 hours, for ‘IEEEXtreme 24-Hour Programming Competition’. Then 24 hours were over exactly at 0500 hours the next day and there was a sigh of relief. They wanted to literally dance and scream that yay we’ve done it. They wanted to sleep straight away but for that they had to wait until they reached their homes.  
The following snap is taken from IEEEXtreme website:

The test of testing the limits
After all this test of testing their limits they went home and enjoyed the sleep like never before. Sleeping is one thing but sleeping after such tension of brain and after Xtreme physical pain has a value that only a person gone through this can take pleasure of. No one else can. It is a sound sleep just like sleeping after selling your horses. Phew. They slept whole day probably and luckily it was Sunday. They earned their sleeps.  
On Monday they came back to their routine in NED. Everything seemed normal like it was before the weekend. All the other thousands of students were same and they didn’t realize what their colleagues experienced. Because if you have to experience it, you have to be there!  

This actual event is…
Dramatized by,
Engr. Ayesha Alam Khurram   


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