Monday 2 November 2015


I belong to a mid-class family  and remember the time when we ate only kichri( Cooked rice in combination with lentils) with salad. We really enjoy that food and was really happy. However, now on our dining table meat dishes is compulsory .People make faces with the name of Daal(Lentil)or vegetables .Usually these dishes are considered as side dishes not main meal. Mostly party menu are Biryani,BBQ items or PIZZA . Vegetables and Daal is never served to guest why?
Our new generation has very limited options for their food .If I look back in the past what I see is the variety in the food .let’s talk about breakfast the option were HALWA PURI, ALU KA PARATHAY ,DAHI / MALAI/KHEER  WITH ROTI OR NIGHT REMAINING SALAN WITH NIGHT ROTI………Similarly for lunch and dinner options are uncountable such as KARI,PANCHON MILI DAAL,TAHARI,MATAR CHAWAL,…..and all type of vegetables like CABBAGE,OKRA, SPINACH, BEETROOT , BOTTLE GOURD,BITTER GOURD,FENKUGREEK LEAVES………..The beauty of that time was that people eat one dish at a time and enjoy the taste.
I hope I could bring change and revitalize the taste of people so they focus on one dish at a time and could enjoy the taste rather than comparing taste of different dishes.
Written by,
Architect Shahneela Farhan

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