Wednesday 11 November 2015

AAK’s Series of Stories for KIDS: THE SHINY BLUE STONE (EPISODE#3)

The alligator yelled, “What happened blue fish? You’re bleeding.” The blue fish said, “Ouch it’s hurting.” Then it started to weep. The alligator saw that there was a tiny thorn in the mouth of blue fish. Actually there were some fisher men fishing near there. A fisherman attached the bait with a hook. The tip of the hook had a small shiny blue stone attached with it to attract the fish. When the blue fish took the shiny blue stone in its mouth, the fishing hook stuck in its mouth. The fisherman started to pull the fish as soon as he felt that a fish has stuck in his fishing hook.

The alligator quickly cut the fishing line with its sharp teeth. Then very gently alligator tried to pull the fishing hook out of the mouth of blue fish. After trying few times the fishing hook came out but the blue shiny stone that was at the tip of fishing line was still in the mouth of blue fish, then alligator rubbed the mouth of tiny blue fish. Finally the blood stopped. The blue fish was very happy that it got the shiny blue stone again. The alligator was also happy that it's time paid off.
The blue fish and alligator went back to the coral reef where there was home of the tiny blue fish. They were very happy & gave party to other fish and sea creatures, big and small. In the party they enjoyed a lot, played a lot and ate a lot. The big scary alligator and tiny blue fish became best friends.

Composed by,
Engr. Ayesha Alam Khurram 

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