Monday 9 November 2015

AAK’s Series of Stories for KIDS: THE SHINY BLUE STONE (EPISODE#2)

The blue fish yelled, leave me alone you meanie. Then it opened its eyes and saw it was in the clutches of a big scary alligator. It said to alligator, "Let me go alligator, I have very less meat lesser than you need." The alligator said, "Don't worry blue fish I won’t eat you. May be I could but I’m not hungry at the moment. I have been watching you from far and I noticed that you are searching something. What are you looking for?" Still scared, the blue fish said, “I am searching for my blue stone that was in my mouth when I was sleeping and now it’s lost.” The alligator said, “Don’t worry little blue fish I can help you finding your blue stone”. The blue fished said, “Really.”

Then both of them started searching for the blue stone near the coral reef. They searched and searched but in vain. Then alligator told the blue fish that they should ask someone may be some other fish has seen the shiny blue stone. So they stared asking other fish if they have seen the shiny blue stone. Other tiny fish were getting afraid from alligator but when the blue fish told them that alligator was its friend then other fish didn’t get scared.

The alligator and the blue fish asked the sea horse but the sea horse said that it didn’t know where the blue stone is. Then they asked the star fish and it also replied in negative. Then they went to the surface of the ocean. There was an island and there were seagulls sitting there. The seagulls were about to dive into the ocean to eat the blue fish but when they saw the alligator was accompanying the blue fish then they got scared. The blue fish and the alligator asked the seagulls if they had seen the shiny blue stone but they answered in negative.

All of a sudden, the blue fish noticed some shiny blue thing far away. It started swimming fast towards it. The alligator was swimming along with it. Then it went near that shiny blue thing and it realized that it was a shiny blue stone similar to the stone it had yesterday. So the blue fish hastily put the blue stone in its mouth. Out of the blue, there was pain in its mouth and its mouth started bleeding.
What Happened next? Why it started bleeding? Did the blood stop? Stay tuned for 'AAK's Series of Stories for KIDS: The Shiny Blue Stone (EPISODE#3).'

Composed by,
Engr.Ayesha Alam Khurram         

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