Wednesday 18 November 2015

Five Misunderstood Lavishness of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs don’t have to work 9 to 5 i.e. 8 hours?
Do entrepreneurs have relaxed working hours? They might have to work just couple of hours a day to keep their set-up running. Right? One thing which is true is that an entrepreneur doesn’t have to work 9 to 5 but one has to work 24 hours a day especially at the start of their entrepreneurial setup. While eating, resting, walking, showering, exercising, etc. their brains are active about their next strategy. Entrepreneurs have to keep an eye on their work productivity, work ethics, and work partners along with their clients in order to keep going or their entrepreneurial career might become wishy-washy. Unlike jobs when a person might be productive, active or might be tensed during the working hours but after that time is over that person is free of any tension. For an entrepreneur a free time means a working time as well. But yes, once the set-up is out of blues and running, a successful entrepreneur might work lesser than 8 hours a day, but not in all cases.
Entrepreneurs have money flowing bank account?
Money making is not an easy task. If you are on job, you work for a month & you get your salary. But if you want to become an entrepreneur, you have to put all your efforts in order to earn a single penny. There is a whole iceberg that is hidden below the surface of the dark ocean and represents the patience, dedication, and labor of a successful entrepreneur. Point to note is that, there might be a larger part of the iceberg below the surface than above the surface. People can only see that part which is above the surface and mostly don’t appreciate or don’t fathom the struggle behind the whole thing. But once, the ice berg peaks out of the ocean surface then yes, there might be money flowing bank account. 


Entrepreneurs get a 10 hours’ sleep each night?
She is an entrepreneur, and she is up look at the time. Oh no 3:00am already. Come one go to sleep and you can work in the morning. No, I have to complete this task and prepare tomorrows strategy. So I have to complete it before it dawns tomorrow which is technically today. That is she, with entrepreneurial endeavors. And what about them, they have to go to office tomorrow. So, they are sleeping and sleeping for quite a few hours now. They will wake up fresh and begin their routine. But bear in mind when she has survived this time of strategy making, then yes she can sleep as much hours as she wants.  

Entrepreneurs get extra holidays?
You have comeback from a tiring day at job. Tomorrow is holiday so you basically don’t have to do any money making stuff this evening and tomorrow. But for an entrepreneur, a holiday is a real challenge. Everyone in home and family has a holiday. People are arranging get-together of all sorts, and telling the entrepreneur that come on tomorrow is holiday. Tomorrow is holiday means that tomorrow we are free and we won’t start thinking unless we reach the office after holidays. But for entrepreneur especially at a stage that is below the ocean surface yet, a holiday means extra-hard work. Firstly, satisfy friends and family and participate in their activities and then after getting tired; try to complete the left over burden of that day. But once the mist is over, one can take some holidays even when there are no holidays. 

Entrepreneurs are free during the day?
He was free a little earlier from his office so he thought to stop by a friend’s house. He knew that his friend doesn’t do job and calls himself something funny uummm.... yes entrepreneur. So he thought his friend ‘must’ be free to welcome him. So he rang the doorbell, and entered his friend’s living room. But as a shock he saw that his friend was working on multiple laptops, talking to people, writing & drawing things on papers and then staring something on his laptop’s screen. He was like what is he doing? He asked what are you doing buddy? His friend didn’t say anything and asked him to wait two minutes. Two minutes passed and then two hours passed. But he patiently sat on the sofa in front of his friend because he wanted to know what his friend is up to. After almost two and a half hours, his friend picked up his head and said oh did you get a coffee? He said yes three cups. Then his friend rushed in to the kitchen and brought coffee for both of them. His friend told the list of his tasks for the day, then he realized that it’s much more hard work than he could ever think of. He appreciated his friend and thought that his friend is really lucky that he gets to do exactly what he wants and doesn’t have to wait for the orders of boss to initiate a new task.

But after the haze is disappeared, an entrepreneur doesn’t have to write an application for well-deserved holidays, doesn’t have to count working hours, and doesn’t have to count how many days he has taken off from job.   


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