Monday 2 November 2015

AAK's Series of Stories for KIDS: THE SHINY BLUE STONE (EPISODE#1)

Once there was a tiny blue fish. She used to live inside a coral reef in a big blue ocean. She used to eat sea weed, swim around, talk & play with other fish. One day blue fish found a small blue shiny stone. The blue fish put the stone in its mouth. Now, the blue fish used to keep the stone all the times in its mouth. Whether the blue fish was eating, talking, playing, or even sleeping, it didn’t use to take out the blue stone from its mouth. So many days passed and the blue stone was still in its mouth.

One shiny morning the blue fish woke up and it came out of its small home that was in the coral reef. Suddenly, the blue fish realized that the blue stone was missing from its mouth. The blue fish started finding that blue stone. First it went back into its home inside the coral reef and started searching for its precious shiny blue stone. The blue fish started finding the stone everywhere in its tiny home.
The blue fish remembered that before sleeping it checked the shiny blue stone in its mouth and it was there for sure. But now it was nowhere in its home that was inside the coral reef. The blue fish thought that it must be somewhere near its home. So it came outside and kept searching for that blue stone but it couldn’t find the blue stone. As the time was passing, the blue fish started getting worried. It became worrier and worrier so much so that it felt like crying. The blue fish asked its friend fishes to help finding that shiny blue stone but no one helped.
Oh no! What’s that? All of a sudden, the blue fish noticed a very big scary creature was coming towards it. Nooooo. The tiny blue fish started to swim fast towards the coral reef to hide in its home. But it was too late. And then with the big roar and a splash, that big scary creature grabbed the blue fish. The blue fish closed its eyes.
What happened next? What was that scary big creature? Did it eat the tiny blue fish? Stay tuned for “AAK's Series of Stories for KIDS: THE SHINY BLUE STONE (EPISODE#2). 

Composed by,
Engr. Ayesha Alam Khurram         

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